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The Movies

The originally role of Steele
Originally, Brendan Fraser should speak the role of Steele. But his part wasn't used. Instead, Jim Cummings becomes the voice actor of Steele.

The last Spielberg-production
Balto was the last movie, that's produced by Spielberg's animation studio Amblimation. Later, Spielberg founded together with David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg (ex-Disney) Dreamworks.

After the Serum Run...
...Balto was sold by Gunnar Kasaan. He went on national tour. Later, Balto was sold to the film producer Sol Lesser, who directed the movie "Balto's Race To Nome" (1925). Then, the dog team was sold only for display. The dogs have been abused, slighted and forgotten. But then, a businessman from Cleveland, George Kimbal came. With help of some pupils from Cleveland, he could collect enough money to buy the six remaining dogs for 2,000 $. The dogs are taken to the Cleveland Zoo, where they could enjoy the rest of their lifes in peace. Balto died in 1933 and became pad. Today, he still stands in the Cleveland Museum of natural history.

The name Balto
Balto was named after the explorer of the Sámi, Samuel Balto. Furthermore, Balto is one of the most famous sled dog names.

The name Steele
Steele was named after Samuel B. Steele.
During the gold rush at the Klondike (1896-1899) , he was a superintendent and responsible to keep order.

The Balto-statue...
...was build by Frederick Roth at December 17th, 1925 - only 10 month, after Balto returned with the serum to Nome. Balto was present during the exposure. The statue stands on the main path, that leads from Tisch Children Zoo to north. The inscription is: "Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters, through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in the Winter of 1925. Endurance, Fidelity, Intelligence"

Balto in real life
In real life, Balto was a husky, but to create his character more interesting, he became a half wolf in the movie.

Baltos disease
In his later life years, balto suffers from increasingly blindness, arthritis and other, age-related disgeases. He was put down on March 14th, 1933.

The Press
The press devalues Balto as "just a goods dog".

Baltos Work
Balto was born in 1919. In the first two years, he was responsible for transporting foods for children. He was very slow and so, he was ranked rather inappropriate for this work.

Kaltag was named after the eponymus town.

Balto's originally design
When Jenna, Dixie and Sylvie went along the street, we can see a dog, that's pulled on a leash by his owner. That should be Balto's originally design.

Balto's Mother
Balto's mother is named Aniu. This means "snow" in the inuit-language.

Balto's nickname
Steele calls Balto Lobo. This means wolf in spain. In the german version, he's called Lupo, derived from Canis Lupus.

Muk & Luk
The polar bears Muk & Luk are named after canadian boots, so-called Mukluks.

After the release of the movie, Nikki became one of the most famous dog names.

The first animal actor
After Balto became famous through the Serum Run, he was casted for some silent films. So, he became one of the first animal actors in film history.

The second statue

In Anchorage stands a Balto-statue, too.

Howard the Duck
When Steele hits Balto with a stone, Nikki says „Half wolf in the side pocket there“. That's a allusion to the Spielberg-movie "Howard the Duck".

The White Wolf
For the scene with the White Wolf, records with wolf howlings where used.

Baltos serendipity
When Gunnar Kasaan crosses the Topkok River, he lost orientation. But Balto could sense the right way (despite to a storm force of 50 mp/h). So, he lead the dog team save to Nome. If the decision has laid to Kasaan, he had lead the team into the wrong direction; on thinner ice, where the team would have been broken in.

After the team reached Nome,
the dogs where undercooled and exhausted, their paws where torn open and bloody, but the serum reached it's goal. Kasaan comitted the serum to Dr. Curtis Welch; then he began to remove the ice slivers from the feet of his dogs.

The last big outburst
After the serum has reached Nome, the diphteria could be stopped within five days. It was the last big outburst of the epidemic in North America.

The movie started at the same time like Disney's "Toy Story" in cinemas. So, the anticipated success fail to appear and Spielberg closed his studio Amblimation. But Balto was sold exceeding good on video, two sequels hit the market. Nonetheless, the movies remained as sleepers.

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