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The name Kodi stems from the Kodiak Island and the eponymic town.

John's Bar
John's Bar was named after John Koch, one of the layout-drawers from Balto.

During th EDAS-sequence, Kaltag, Nikki, the terrier from Wolfquest, Morse and Doc can be seen.

Ralph was named after Ralph Zondag, one of the storyboard-drawers.

Boris' Chant
Boris' chant during his bath is neither russian nor another language.

Duke's plane and the stamp
Duke's plane is a De Havilland DH4. But on the stamp in the end credits (btw: the stamp does really exist), you see a 1918 Curtiss Jenny.

The name Kodiak
After the release of the movie, Kodiak became one of the most famous dog names.

Dusty's character design is based on Kiche from White Fang.

The intro sequence
During the intro secuence, we could see Rosy, Balto and Jenna, while they are sitting by a fire.

The originally version
In the original version, Kodi shouldn't help Balto saving Duke. Instead, Balto should save him together with Steele. But finally, the creators decided otherwise. The EDAS-sequence was added, also the flashbacks to Kodis childhood. Pristinely, we should experience more from Kodi in the opener. The scene with the ice bridge was also added later.

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