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About James Horner

James Horner was born on August 14th, 1953 in Los Angeles. He played instruments since he was a child. Beginning with piano, he played horn in an orchestra later. On the age of 10, he moved to London with his parents, where he spend his youth. There, he also visited the Royal College Of Music. One of his teachers was, among others, György Ligeti ("2001 - A Space Odyssey").

In California, he completed his musical apprenticeship at the University Of Southern California. There, he also gained his master's degree for composition. He didn't just get the doctorate for music composition and -theory, he also teaches this fields for some time. When the American Film Institute requested a composition for the short movie "The Drought" in 1978, his interest in film music was awaken.

After some compositions for the AFI, he worked for New World Pictures and writes the music for movies like "Up From the Depths", "Battle Beyond the Stars" and "Humanoids from the Deep". Thereby, he developed his craft. At NWP, he met some directors, for their he will write the film music later
("Cocoon", "A Beautiful Mind", "Apollo 13", "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", "Willow"); he also met the cameraman James Cameron. From this collaboration, the movies "Titanic" and Alien" emanates.

During the following years, Horner writes his most famous soundtracks (including "Legends of the Fall, "Jumanji", "The Pagemaster", "Sneakers", "Deep Impact" and of course "Balto").

Horner conducts his compositions often directly on the film, without mechanical tools. He compares the composing with the art of drawing: he fills the canvas with his tones to underscore the emotions of the movie and to highlight them.

On June 22th 2015, James Horner passed away in an airplane crash. His plane, a Tucano Turboprop-machine crashed in the Los Padres National Forest in the south of California. The pilot was James Horner himself.

The Songs

01. Reach For The Light*
02. Main Title / Balto's Story Unfolds
03. The Dogsled Race
04. Rosy Goes To The Doctor
05. Boris & Balto
06. The Journey Begins
07. Grizzly Bear

08. Jenna / Telegraphing The News
09. Steele's Treachery
10. The Epidemic's Toll
11. Heritage Of The Wolf
12. Balto Brings The Medicine!
13. Reach For The Light (Long Version)*
*Performed by Steve Winwood

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