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The Animal Totems

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Reliever & Examiner
In one of Balto's dreams, the animals of the totem pole appear. His mother explains him the characteristics of the totems.

During the later pathway, Balto as well as Aleu should meet the forest spirits, who will appear as the respective totem. Every animals has it's own kind to help them or to test them on their journey.

The Fox...
...the cunning trickster
Voice Actor: Mary Kay Bergman
Balto follows a raven, in hope to find his daughter with him. When he lost the raven in a bank of fog, he crosses a upset tree trunk, that serves as a bridge betwen two cliffs. In the middle of it stands, caught in a wire, the vixen.

She begs him to free her from the wire and offers him, to help him finding his daughter. But as thanks, she nudges Balto into the wrenching river. At his remark, that the flow is too powerful to swim against it, she answers, he should let himself drift. So, he comes closer to his daughter, because without the vixen, Balto would still have strayed on the cliffs.

The Wolverine...
...your fears
Voice Actor: Kevin Schon, Rob Paulson und Mary Kay Bergman
During the further route of their seemingly odyssey, Balto meets the wolverine clan. They want to refuse his continuation of his journey, so they try to intimidate him with psychological tricks. Balto admits, that he's afraid of his daughter, but he stands his ground.

After all attempts of the wolverines fail, they disappear in the wind and Balto can continue his journey.

The Bear...
...inner knowingAfter Aleu has left Muru's cave, she gets attacked by an bear, who also lived in the cave. When the bear seems to gain the mastery, her father appears and attack the bear.

Together, they try to stop the beast, but when they get urged to the chasm, Aleu read the bear's mind and realizes, that there is a ledge, not far below them. Both wolf dogs jump and escape the bear.

Without it, it would only had given a clarifying father-daughter-conversation in the apparently impasse and both had taken the return journey. But because Aleu used the power of the forest spirit (inner knowing), both are now almost at the end of their journey.

...lifeWhen Balto and Aleu meet the wolfpack, there dissentes come up within the pack. Because the caribou aren't coming this year, food shortage is ruling and the wolves don't know how they could survive the winter.

Again, Aleu has a vision, in which she sees, how the ice floes herd together on the big water and form a bridge. The caribou have traveled above this bridge to the other side. But because the wolves can't swim the whole way to the other side, a fight for nourishment would kindle to the bitter end.

But the ice bridge forms again and the wolves can start their journey to the other side. Because of his age, Nava isn't able to lead the pack. But he knows, that a strong successor would come. So Aleu finds her destination and a new home. Together with the wolf pack, she crosses the big water. Her fate to become a leader (what she rather didn't know) has come true.

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