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The last three original wallpapers of the old collection are online:

  • Heritage of the Wolf

  • Steele ... Wanted

  • Kodi

I also have some further wallpapers, but because of the low resolution, they can be fitted to modern monitors only bad. Maybe, there will be revisions of the images for the future. So have a steady look.

Best Regards

Time for the next old wallpaper: Balto & Jenna.

Hello dear visitors,

as you may know, my website exists now for 11 years. You may also have noticed, that I didn't put the old wallpapers, I've created, back online. Because I've been contacted by an member from our Watership Down forum because of the wallpapers, I've decided to put the old images back online.

According to custom, I will provide the images in 1920x1080 and 1680x1050. So this works, I have to upscale the old wallpapers into HD. This may affect the quality. Nevertheless, I hope the quality of the images is satisfactorily.

The wallpaper "Wolfquest" will break ground for the old series.

Best Regards, Darkling

Time for the next wallpaper: Trust Your Heritage.

You may have noticed, that the wallpaper-section was empty for a long time. I will change this now and Steele is going to break the first ground: Steele's Race to Nome

Regards, Darkling

I did some text revisions and error corrections on the english website version. I also will see if I can bring up some wallpapers in near future.

Regards, Darkling

No, this is no Balto-related news. But as the componist for the soundtrack of the first movie, he deserves the attention. James Horner passes away on June 22th in an airplane crash. His plane, a Tucano Turboprop-machine crashed in the Los Padres National Forest in the south of California. The pilot was James Horner himself.

Reach for the Light! May your soul rest in peace!

The site "About the Movie" is online for all three movies.

I'm totally shocked! Bob Hoskins (voice actor of Boris in Balto) died of pneumonia at the age of 71 on April, 29th :(

Rest in Peace!

I've removed the fox and the wolverine clan from the character-profiles and added the considering information the the animal totems.

2004, this site hits the internet as a german fan-page. Now, 10 years later, I've decided to make this site international. So from today, the english version of is online!

OK, the second banner is finished. Now in 468x60 Pixel.

Statement to the wallpapers: First, I wanted to put back my old wallpapers. But after an closer look, I must say, I don't like most of the old stuff anymore. So there will be new wallpapers someday.

Who wants to link my site: The first banner is online ;)

It's done! Today, the new version of my Balto-website hits the internet. The project started in 2004 by the name 2012, the site was closed due to lack of time.

Today, the site is back with an international domain. Not all content is back online yet. But don't be afraid. Time by time, I'll populate the content.  And I'm working on an english version of the site. So come and look regularly. Don't forget to visit the Facebook-version of this site. So you can easily stay up-to-date.

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