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Balto Home
A very nice site about the Balto-movies with character-profiles, screenshots, DVD-Infos and many more.

Balto Page
This was the first german Balto-website, I've stumbled over and it was effectively the inspiration for my Balto-site. Besides information about the movies and the real Balto, you will find information about wolves, furry, Nome and book reccomendations.

Balto Source

One of the largest Balto-sites. Besides character-profiles, DVD-infos, multimedia, merchandise, interviews and reviews, the site has also a huge fan-area with fan-arts, fan-fics and many more.

Fluke's Tribute
This site contains, beside many information about the movie, also information about the real Balto. You'll also find there reviews to the movie, e-books and downloads for your desktop.

The Ice Cave
This site provides many information about the first two movies. Unfortunately, the third movie isn't approached so detailed. Nevertheless, it's one of the best international websites about Balto.

Kaltag's Balto Page
Besides sounds and image galeries, you will find here fan-arts, too.

Silver Wolf's Balto Page
A very beautiful website about the first two movies, that's unfortunately been, like many other pages, updated years ago. Besides character-profiles, you will find lyrics, quotes, fan-arts and -fictions, screenshots and many more.

Steele's Home on the Net
A fan-site, especially dedicated to Steele. With fan-arts, image-galeries and character-information.

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