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The Movies

Voice Actor: Kevin Bacon
Balto is a half-wolf who lives outside Nome in a shipwreck. He's avoided by nearly all dwellers of Nome. Only the polar bears Muk and Luk, the goose Boris, the huskylady Jenna and her mistress, Rosie stick by him. When the dipthteria escalates and Steele gets lost with his team, Balto decides to take action.

On the way back to his shipwreck, he passes Mr. Johansons carpentry and watches, how the carpenter produces the caskets for the first victims of the diphteria. This tightens Balto's decision to bring back the medicine to nome.

Voice Actor: Bob Hoskins
Boris is Balto's best friend. He found and reared him. He lives together with the half wolf in the remote shipwreck.

His "nephews" are the polar bears Muk and Luk, but Boris just wants to have his rest from them.

The russian goose is always philosophising and supports Balto, where he can. He tries to bring Balto's heritage into his mind, not with great success.

The Butcher
Voice Actor: Bill Bailey
The butcher has nearly beheaded Boris in the beginning of the movie, because he thought, Boris was one of the dead geese. Balto could save Boris' head (verbatim) in the last moment.

When Steele steals some sausages from the Butcher, he lays the track to Balto. He and Rosie's dad chase him out of the boiler room. But also the butcher must realize in the end, that Balto isn't what he thought to be.

Voice Actor: Sandra Searles Dickinson
The little, vain husky-lady is very proud of her look. She's fond into Steele and tries to catch his attention on every affording occassion, most time without success.

But she also avoids from Steele, when Balto reaches Nome with the serum - against Steele's utterance.

Voice Actor: Donald Sinden
Doc can mostly be seen in the boiler room. He's wise and sees, that Balto isn't a threat for the other dwellers of Nome.

Dr. Curtis Welch
Voice Actor: unknown
Dr. Curtis Welch is the only doctor in Nome. He witnesses the flu epidemic, when thousands of eskimos died, seven years before. He wants to prevent a second outbreak at all costs, but without the serum, he hands are tied.

The only thing, he can do to ease the people's pain is to give them aspirin.

Voice Actor: Bridget Fonda
Jenna is a confident, strong husky-lady. Her character resembles Balto's. She also understand in the beginning, that Balto isn't a threat.

Although Steele always tries to get her attention, she always gives him the fluff.

After the dwellers of Nome have lost all hope, the lights of the city go out. Then, she uses a oil lamp and broken glass to create a aurora borealis projection, that will lead Balto the way back home (she learnt that trick from Balto).

Voice Actor: Big Al
Morse is the dog of the teletyper. He's mostly in the telegraph office and informs the other dogs.

Mr. Johanson
Voice Actor: unknown
Mr. Johanson is the carpenter in Nome. He builds a sledge for Rosie. When the town gets the message, that the sled dogs beard away and that the medicine wouldn't be there in time, he has the hard task to timber the caskets for the children, who will seemingly die.

Balto watches him and comes to the conclusion to search Steele and the serum on his own.

Muk & Luk
Voice Actor: Phil Collins
It may sound odd, but Muk and Luk could be the only polar bears in the high north, who can't swim. They can always be seen together.

Their allegiance is feeled especially by Boris. But when Balto is caught under a frozen icesheet, they vanquish their aquaphobia.

Nikki, Kaltag, Star
Voice Actor: Jack Angel, Danny Man, Robbie Rist
Nikki seems to be the last dog, who would participate on a sled dog race. But his look deludes, discernible at his speed. Compared to Kaltag, he hasn't really much to say and brings his thoughts to the point. His New Yorker accent implies a class, the other dogs could only dream of.

Kaltag forms together with Star and Nikki the "trio". He constantly tries to suck up to Steele. His dissolute phrasings are outlined in short form by Star.

Star is the smallest and shyest dog in the trio. Because of that, he gets always bullied by the other team members. Nobody regards him except for harming him. His presence seems to be tolerated only just by the other members. Himself suspends only nearby them, because he seeks shelter and wants to be eminent. In addiction, he's one of the flew, besides Jenna and Doc, who doesn't despise Balto and respect him. After Steele's defeat against the wolf dog, he's the first one, who offers his friendship to Balto.

Voice Actor: Juliette Brewer
Rosie is Jenna's owner and maybe the only human, who likes Balto. When she sickens with dipthteria, Balto hit the trail to salvage the medicine.

In the live-action-sequences, Rosie as grandmother is played by Miriam Margoyles, her granddaughter by Lola Bates-Campbell.

Rosie's Parents
Voice Actor: William Roberts und Sandra Searles Dickinson
They love their daughter to bits. When the team gets lost in the snow storm, both are close to desparation. In the beginning, Rosie's father chases Balto often away. He also tries to keep him away from Jenna and Rosie. But he doesn't see a misfit in him at the end as well.

Voice Actor: Jim Cummings
Steele is the most famous dog in town, because he constantly wins the dog races (not really a wonder with his unfair actions). Nome's appreciation for him is certain - with one exception: Jenna.

He uses every change, to insult and mortify Balto. His acting isn't lead by pure evil, but pride and haughtiness are often leading his way.

When Balto returns to Nome with the medicine, the other dwellers of Nome realize Steele's tall tales and with one hit (verbatim), Steele takes the role of the underdog.

Steele's Musher
Voice Actor: unknown
An old man who's always looking after fast dogs. He thinks, that Steele couldn't make the run and he believes, that Balto ist the better leader dog. But he doesn't trust Balto, because he thinks, a half-wolf is too dangerous.

Voice Actor: Sandra Searles Dickinson
When a new rumor goes the circuit, Sylvie is the first one, who knows about it. Then, it doesn't take lonk, til the remaining dwellers of the village is informed.

She knows (at least she thinks, she does) everything about the other dogs in Nome and can often be seen with Jenna and Dixie.

The Teletyper
Voice Actor: Garrick Hagon
The teletyper gets messages from Anchorage and the single checkpoints. He informs the dwellers of Nome about the status of the serum-delivery. Morse is his dog. He also sparks the fire, that should guide the team back home.

The White Wolf
Voice Actorr: unknown
This mysterious appearance encounters Balto during the end of the movie. He's communicating with Balto via wolf howling. So, the wolf dog becomes aware of his heritage.

Balto realizes, that he must bank on his strength and instinct and so, he's able to bring the entire medicine to Nome.

In the second movie, we experience, that the White Wolf is Aniu, Balto's mother.

Wild Joe

Voice Actor: unknown
Wild Joe can be located in the boiler room together with the other dogs. After Doc told them the sinister message, that Steele and his team got lost, Joe suggest to send another team to search them. But Doc refuses this suggestion, because the chance, that the second team will get lost in the snow storm, too, is too big.

By the way: We learn his name not in the movie. But in the Junior Novelization, he's mentioned on page 30.

The Wolfpack
Voice Actor: unknown
The wolfpack seems to be connected with Balto. Their relation to Balto is friendly, despite to the fact, that he's half a husky. When they communicate with him, Balto avoids from them, because he deny his wolf heritage in the beginning.

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