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Voice Actor: Lacey Chabert
Balto's daughter Aleu is the only puppy, that wasn't adopted because of her appearance. When she realizes, that she's a half wolf, she's leaving home to go her own way. She's looking for her destination and a place in the world.

Voice Actor: Moonae Michaell
The white wolf, that convinced Balto from his descent, appears also in the second movie. We experience early, that it's Balto's mother Aniu. She's leading him to his daughter and accompany him in his dreams.

By the way a little annotation: Many fans criticize the partially huge differences to the white wolf of the first movie. Thereto, I say, that the sequel is produced by another drawing and animation team. The budget also might not be as big as in the first movie, because it's only a direct-to-video-sequel.

Voice Actor: Maurice LaMarche
Meanwhile, Balto is father of 6 puppies. He's stricken by visions, which should be exposed as true, when Aleu runs away from home. Although he doesn't want to let Aleu go in the beginning, he must realize, that she has to go her own way.

Voice Actor: Charles Fleischer
Boris sees his new destination in babysitting Aleu, Muk & Luk. He knows, that Balto's dreams have a deeper meaning.

He also appeases Jenna, when she wants, full of concern, go looking after Balto and her daughter.

The Hunter
Voice Actor: Joe Alaskey
While Aleu is playing with Muk and Luk, a hunter targets her. Believing, he could adopt her, she runs toward him.

In the same moment, Balto darts for the hunter and tries to wrest his rifle. The hunter shoot, but miss Aleu.

Muk, Luk and Boris come to help Balto. Aleu can't understand, what happens here and so, Balto has to confront her with her heritage. So Aleu runs away from home and search her own way.

The hunter believes, that the attack was a phantasm by the spirits.
Voice Actor: Jodi Benson
Meanwhile, Jenna is Balto's life partner and mother of 6 puppies.

When Balto and Aleu are on their journey, Jenna wants to follow them but Boris could convince her, that this journey is only destined for father and daughter. During the further movie process, her role isn't from importance.

Muk & Luk
Voice Actor: Kevin Schon
Both polar bears are still playing most of the time. Together with Boris and Balto they rescue Aleu from the hunter. Because of them, Balto realizes that Aleu hasn't come home.

Voice Actor: Peter MacNicol
In a crystal cave, Aleu meets the field mouse Muru. He gives Aleu the piece of advice to look for her own identity and to go her own way.

But Muru isn't a living being of flesh and blood, but - like the raven - a spirit helper, who will guide Aleu on her further way.

Voice Actor: David Carradine
Nava is the alpha leader and shaman of the wolf pack, Balto and Aleu are encountering. He respects his followers and knows, that everything lies within a natural equilibrium.

But he also knows, that his time will end soon. So he send for Balto and Aleu, since their journey was certainly not a coincidence. In the beginning, he thinks that Balto will be the new leader of the pack. But it's not Balto's fate, but rather Aleu's. So she finds her place in the world and can follow her destination.

Voice Actor: Mark Hamill
Niju wants to take Nava's place. He fears changes and thinks nothing of Nava's philosophy of the natural equilibrium.

So he's not ready to go with the wolf pack and follow the caribou. Indeed, he isn't evil to the bones, but like Steele, his acting is influenced by arrogance and pride.

The Puppies
Voice Actor: Melanie Spore, (Saba), Nicolette Little (Dingo) und Molly Marlette
Balto's and Jennas offspring. Because they look like huskys, they are adopted by the Nome dwellers.

The Raven
Voice Actor: unknown
The raven appears Balto in his dreams and leads him in real life. Like Muru, the raven is a spritual helper. He leads Balto and helps him to find his daugher.

Sumac, Nuk & Yak
Voice Actor: Rob Paulson, Joe Alaskey und Jeff Bennett
The trio can often be seen in Niju's near. It's a pendant to the trio of the first movie.

While Yak, who's stricken with fleas, seems to be the most intelligent of them, Sumac isn't the cleverest one and Nuk seems to be weak in the head except food.

The three will also realize, that Nava tells the truth, but they are concussed by Niju.

The Terrier
Voice Actor Robert Paulson
The hyperactive terrier seems to replace Morse, but he hasn't really a bigger role. He informs Balto about the birth of his children.

The Wolfpack
Voice Actor: unknown
It can be doubt, if it's the same wolf pack, Balto encountered in the first movie. Balto and Aleu meet the wolf pack, thats lead by Nava, at the end of their journey.

Some of them see Nava as a wise and experienced leader. Others think, Nava lost his leading qualities and that Niju is the younger and better leader.

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