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The Movies

Voice Actor: Maurice LaMarche
In the third movie, Balto takes the main role again. Meanwhile, he's in whole Nome famous as a hero.

He doesn't see Duke as a threat and hopes, that his dream of flying will come true someday.

Boris & Stelle
Voice Actor: Charles Fleischer und Jean Smart
Stella rather does a layover in Nome. But when she meets Boris, she's totally enamoured by Boris and wants to fly with him.

But Boris reacts reserved and refused, because he suffers from aviatophobia.

Stella feels betrayed, because she doesn't know about his phobia. So she chases Boris into Duke's plane. After the crash, she's looking, together with Balto und the polar bears, after Boris. He confides his aviatophobia and so, both decide to swim - by full moon.
Voice Actor: Keith Carradine
Duke is a pilot. He visits Nome, because he thinks, that the post can be carried faster and better via air. But not everybody is excited by this idea...

He and Balto become friends quickly and he is impressed by Balto's brave deed, that happened three years ago.

Voice Actor: Jodi Benson
In the third movie, Jenna has a bigger part. She's the link between father and son, because she persuades Kodi to help Balto, while he was looking for Duke. She also disperses Balto's self-doubts before the race.

Kirby, Ralph & Dusty
Voice Actor: Carl Weathers, Bill Fagerbakke und Charity James
Like in the first two movies, there's also a trio: Kirby, Ralph and Dusty.

The post dogs are responsible for the delivery and see Duke as an enemy, but not as an threat, because they think, that sled dogs are tougher and more persistent as a plane. After they arrive in Nome as winners, they feel confirmed in their assertion.

When Kodi wants to look for Duke, he begs the three for support, but they don't want to help him, because they think, it's Duke's fault and they have nothing to do with it.

But at last, they allow themself to be talked over by Kodi and when Balto impends to cascade together with Duke a steep slope, the four post dogs arrive just in time to save Balto and Duke. Together, they bring the injured pilot back to Nome.

Voice Actor: Sean Astin
Even when Balto's son Kodi appears relatively rarely in the movie, he has a important role. He is proud, both of his parents and his job as a post dog. His dream is to be as famous as his father. He arises from the same litter as Aleu.

Mel & Dipsy
Voice Actor: David Paymer und Kathy Najinny
Mel and Dispy can be compared best with Dixie and Sylvie from the first movie, but they integrate better in the movie. While Mel is a very gloomy character, Dispy suffers under bulimia.

The Mooses
Voice Actor: Maurice LaMarche
The mooses appear towards the end of the movie. Moose number one faces Balto, Stella, Muk and Luk. All parley attemps are condemned to failure, because the only thing, this moose is saying, is: "You talkin' to me?" (in a Robert de Niro voice).

And of course, he suddenly attacks, when a moment after a second moose interrupts him. Because mooses seems to struggle with pleasure, they naturally attack eachother, so the team can care about Dukes rescue.

Mr. Connor
Voice Actor: Bill Fagerbakke
Mr. Connor is the postmaster in Nome. While the mushers are convinced of their dogs, Mr. Connor thinks that the post can be transported faster and more reliable by the plane.

So he starts the race between Balto with his team and Duke with his De Havilland DH4.

Mr. Simpson
Voice Actor: Kevin Schon
Simpson is the post dog musher. He's convinced, that the post transport is more reliable with the dog sled than with the plane.

Of course, he is - like the other mushers in Nome - afraid of loosing his job and his future.

Muk & Luk
Voice Actor: Kevin Schon
In the third movie, the polar bears take a bigger role. They notice the crash of Duke's plane, so Balto starts to search for the pilot. But they are still not more grown-up.

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